The Benefits of Agronomy

the benefits of agronomy

With Canadian farmers facing increasingly changing climate conditions, and western Canada still facing the drought conditions that have plagued much of 2023, planning ahead for the upcoming grow seasons is essential. If your crops have been struggling, or if you’re looking to increase your yield in 2024, working with an agronomist is one of the best […]

Exploring the Benefits of Humic Acid

exploring the benefits of humic acid

Looking to increase your soil’s carbon retention and combat growth issues due to high sodium content in your dirt? Humic acid can be an extremely valuable resource that helps reset poorly balanced soil profiles and build a stronger foundation for better crop yields, year after year.  At Norstar Agriculture, we know that one of the […]

What Are the Benefits of OMEX Products for Farmers

omex canada

Looking to make your next harvest season as productive and profitable as possible? Soil nutrients play an essential role in protecting your crops and allowing them to thrive, even when facing difficult environmental conditions. At Norstar Agriculture, we’re proud to partner with OMEX and offer access to their industry-leading line of agricultural nutrition products. As […]

Using Gypsum for Sustainable Crop Production

agricultural gypsum

If you’ve recently renovated your home or developed a new building, you may be well acquainted with gypsum as a staple within the construction industry, typically used in various forms of plaster, drywall, blackboards, and even in sidewalk chalk. What you may not know, however, is that gypsum is also extremely helpful in agricultural applications.  Made of […]

Harnessing Agricultural Lime for Sustainable Soil Management and Nitrous Oxide Mitigation

cement kiln dust for agriculture

Agricultural lime, or calcium carbonate (CaCO3), has become an increasingly popular tool for farmers across Alberta thanks to its versatility and ability to adjust soil acidity, kill parasites and weeds, and increase soil fertility. Agricultural lime also helps to indirectly reduce nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions, which in turn helps farmers remain more on the sustainable side […]

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