Exploring The Benefits of Agricultural Fertilizers

the benefits of agricultural fertilizers

Agricultural fertilizers are an essential tool within modern farming systems. Proper application helps boost crop yields, sustain plants during difficult growing seasons, and enhance overall agricultural productivity. Soil enhancers like agricultural lime, humic acid, gypsum, and more help feed and restore imbalanced land plots and create a healthy foundation that allows future crops to thrive.  […]

Navigating Drought Season: 5 Essential Tips for Alberta Farmers with OMEX C3 Soil Products

farm fertilizer canada

Planting and growing season is underway, and many Albertan farmers and agricultural producers are facing the realities of contending with severe drought conditions across the prairies (source). Drought conditions can significantly impact crop yields, soil health, and overall farm productivity, making it essential to be aware of what preventive and proactive steps you can take […]

Enhancing Soil Quality and Maximizing Crop Yields with Gypsum

agricultural gypsum

Looking to enhance your soil quality and reduce your chance of poor crop yields for the 2024 growing season? As Alberta and much of Western Canada prepare to head into another summer that is anticipated to have hot, dry conditions, knowing how to safeguard your plants early on is essential to minimizing losses and maximizing […]

Optimize Your Crop’s Potential this Growing Season with Ag Lime

agricultural lime canada

With 2024’s growing season just around the corner, farmers across Western Canada are gearing up to protect their crops against anticipated dry conditions and to ensure optimal yields come harvest time. Agricultural lime, better known as AG Lime, is a natural soil amendment that is known for its ability to improve crop yields, revitalize soil […]

Humic Acid: A Lifeline for Commercial Farmers During Dryer Seasons

humic acid

Alberta, as well as the rest of Western Canada, has been facing increasingly higher temperatures during the summer months (as well as an El Niño winter), posing a challenge for farmers when it comes to crop yield and resilience. Dry soil, intense winds such as those experienced in the southern part of the province and […]

Give Your Crops a Boron Boost: 6 Ways Boron Helps Commercial Crop Yield

agricultural boron

Alberta and the Canadian Prairies are poised to face drought conditions once again this summer, with an estimated 70% of the country already being abnormally dry and the worst concentration stretching across AB, SK, and interior BC. (source) Extreme heat, high winds and other volatile environmental conditions can significantly damage the nutrient content of your […]

How Soil Testing Can Help Protect Against Dry Growing Seasons

soil testing canada

The growing season is just around the corner. For those looking to maximize crop yield and minimize issues, it’s time to take a serious look at your soil and identify any factors that may put your crops at a disadvantage. Soil health and quality are two of the biggest determinants of crop vitality and longevity. […]

The Benefits of Agronomy

the benefits of agronomy

With Canadian farmers facing increasingly changing climate conditions, and western Canada still facing the drought conditions that have plagued much of 2023, planning ahead for the upcoming grow seasons is essential. If your crops have been struggling, or if you’re looking to increase your yield in 2024, working with an agronomist is one of the best […]