Cement Kiln Dust

CKD is a highly reactive, hydrated lime (Calcium Oxide [CaO]) that shows improvements within the 1st year, most changes in the 2nd, and full results by the 3rd year.


Gypsum is calcium sulfate [CaSO4. 2H2O], the calcium it contains neutralizes the acidity of the sulfate and solves the pH problem making it an ideal alternative source of sulfur for soil.


Humic acid is used as source of Carbon [C] which helps build humus in the growing zone and increases fertilizer efficiency.


Primers, starters, foliars, and specialty products and turfs. The full OMEX product line.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are your products delivered?

We deliver the CKD and Gypsum in end dumps directly to the field. These trucks haul an average of 36-38mt per load. All Omex products are delivered direct from Omex in either totes or bulk. We will in some cases deliver products ourselves if coming from inventory.

How is CKD/Gypsum Applied?

It is applied with a large-chained spin spreader, an agrispread, or Salford

Do you have custom applicators?

Yes, they have multiple spreading units and their own loader, their cost is 20$/Acre.

How do I know if my soil needs lime?

Most soils across the prairies need lime, we do not just apply lime on low pH soils, we look for calcium deficient soils. We have a team of agronomists who will look over your samples and help you decide what you need.

How often do I need to lime my field?

This really depends on the soil type we are dealing with. Upfront we will apply a large rate (up to 2mt/acre) and then look at a reapplication in 4-8 years. This reapplication will be smaller; 500lbs/acre on average. In sandy soils we may have to apply sooner, clay soils we can push back longer.