What Are the Benefits of OMEX Products for Farmers

Looking to make your next harvest season as productive and profitable as possible? Soil nutrients play an essential role in protecting your crops and allowing them to thrive, even when facing difficult environmental conditions. At Norstar Agriculture, we’re proud to partner with OMEX and offer access to their industry-leading line of agricultural nutrition products. As one of the most trusted names on the market, OMEX provides Canadian farmers with advanced solutions that help to support their crops, including their TNT and Boron items. 

Below, we’ll take a closer look at both TNT and Boron for crop yields. Read on to learn more!

OMEX TNT: Tailored Nitrogen Technology

OMEX TNT delivers a powerful boost to soil and is designed to deliver fast results for stronger crops with increased germination come spring. TNT stands for Tailored Nitrogen Technology and is an all-in-one blend of Starter P (9-32-2), which contains Poly/Ortho Phos, TPA and Carboxylate, 12% humic acid, Sunalta Boron, along with a micro-package that includes Zn, Cu, Mn and Fe. TNT helps to improve overall soil and root health, enables your plants to cope with environmental stressors like early-season frost or extreme heat later on in the year, and has a low salt index that makes it a seed-safe option that can be placed directly into the furrow and mix with biological products with ease. OMEX TNT promotes rapid plant growth, improved photosynthesis, and, ultimately, higher yields for farmers. 

TNT delivers nitrogen to plants when crops need it most, tailoring delivery based on the crop’s growth stage/requirements, which in turn helps to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact, all while giving agriculturalists the benefits of cost-effective pricing!

OMEX Boron: Nurturing Plant Health and Quality

Boron plays a key role in how plants grow, germinate, reproduce and remain healthy. Boron is often referred to as the “gatekeeper of nutrients” and is integral to the growth of pollen tubes and pollen grain germination, and helps to ensure a good grain fill.

High pH soils and soils that have heavy potassium or nitrogen levels can limit the boron availability, as can sandy soils and those with low organic matter. OMEX Boron is formulated with precision to meet the specific boron needs of different crops and to help prevent problems that can arise from mineral deficiencies like poor flower and fruit development, reduced pollen viability, and overall diminished quality. OMEX Boron also helps build resilience against environmental stressors, such as drought or disease, putting you ahead of the pack and protecting you against external variables that can otherwise launch a heavy hit at your bottom line. 

Why Trust OMEX?

At Norstar Agriculture, we know that not every fertilizer or soil supplement is made equal. We pride ourselves on partnering with brands we know you can trust to perform as promised during the growing season. OMEX leads the way when it comes to quality and dependability, making their products the perfect choice for farmers in Alberta and all across Western Canada. Learn more about the benefits of OMEX and our additional agricultural supplements by contacting our team today!