Using Gypsum for Sustainable Crop Production

If you’ve recently renovated your home or developed a new building, you may be well acquainted with gypsum as a staple within the construction industry, typically used in various forms of plaster, drywall, blackboards, and even in sidewalk chalk. What you may not know, however, is that gypsum is also extremely helpful in agricultural applications

Made of calcium sulfate, gypsum helps soil absorb water and reduces erosion, while also reducing phosphorus leaching and improving the quality of a wide variety of crops. At Norstar Agriculture, we know that gypsum, or more specifically, both the calcium and sulfur it contains, contributes significantly to enhancing soil quality, boosting crop yield, and other benefits that make it an extremely valuable resource. 

Below, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of gypsum, as well as working with Norstar. Read on to learn more!

Soil Structure and Erosion Control

Given the harsh conditions that Alberta and the rest of Western Canada face, soil erosion is a very real threat that can compromise your produce due to a lack of water retention and long-term nutrient viability. Gypsum helps to transform soil structure, stabilizing individual particles to create a more porous and crumbly soil that provides better aeration and water infiltration. Introducing gypsum to your soil system helps to prevent runoff and surface crusting, allowing for optimal root penetration and protecting seedlings from being washed away during the vulnerable portion of the grow season. 

As a result of increased soil structure, root systems are able to grow and cope with environmental stressors like drought, heat, and poor overall seasonal conditions. 

Nutrient Management, PH Balance and Negating Aluminium Toxicity

In fields dealing with sodium-affected soils, such as those in southern Alberta, gypsum helps to replace sodium ions with calcium in a manner that restores the soil’s integrity and can also aid in better nutrients uptake. Gypsum also helps to restore a more beneficial equilibrium to your soil’s PH, particularly where high build up of aluminium may occur. The calcium contained in gypsum can help neutralize toxic amounts of aluminum, allowing roots to flourish and intake as much necessary nutrients as possible. 

Your Source for Gypsum and More 

From soil structure improvement and erosion control to nutrient management and pH balance, gypsum stands as an essential tool for farmers navigating the complexities of modern agriculture across western Canada. Norstar Agriculture is here to help farmers achieve optimal soil conditions, and proudly offers high-grade gypsum for your agricultural purposes, as well as access to trained agronomists who can help examine your fields and outline potential factors that will aid in better crops. 

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