Exploring the Benefits of Humic Acid

Looking to increase your soil’s carbon retention and combat growth issues due to high sodium content in your dirt? Humic acid can be an extremely valuable resource that helps reset poorly balanced soil profiles and build a stronger foundation for better crop yields, year after year. 

At Norstar Agriculture, we know that one of the most important parts of protecting your ability to produce is knowing what’s going on beneath the surface. We offer a wide variety of agricultural products, including humic acid, lime, and gypsum designed to help foster your crops. 

Below, we’ll discuss some of the top benefits of working with humic acid. Read on to learn more!

  1. Increased Nutrient Uptake

Both humic and fulvic acids help to boost nutrient uptake, making them ideal to pair with fertilizers for a supercharged yield. Without the help of humic acids, the full extent of the nutrients available from fertilizers isn’t available to plants. With the addition of humic acid, your crops will be able to absorb additional nutrients, allowing them to grow stronger, and faster, and yield more all season long. 

Reduced Toxins

Over time, whether by exposure to harsh elements or the natural state of the soil itself, harmful toxins will build up in your dirt and prevent nutritional absorption for plants. Pollutants can alter the structure and quality of your soil, which influences crop health and volume. Humic acids bond with toxic compounds and eventually flush them away, ensuring that plants don’t absorb them. This leads to healthier crops that are able to absorb the right nutrients for optimal output. 

Increased Water Retention 

Humic acids increase water retention in soils, helping plants stay hydrated even in rising temperatures and more drought prone seasons. For farmers in southern Alberta or areas in western Canada that have been facing increasingly hot and dry summers, this is particularly vital. 

Improved Microbial Growth

One of the most noticeable benefits of humic acid is the positive effects it has on the overall microbial populations in soil. Healthy microbiomes are key to restoring damaged soil environments, and for allowing the optimal uptake of nutrients for crops. Humic acids aid the growth of microbial populations in a dual manner; by providing a source of carbon for microbes, and by providing a way for microflora to colonize. By creating the ideal circumstances for growth and sustainable microbial activity, humic acid makes sure your soil has lots going on under the surface!

Better Soil Structure

Humic acid has a large molecular structure, as well as a negative charge that makes it easy for roots to grow healthily. Adding humic acid to high clay content and compacted soils can help separate particles for a better overall structure that allows for water retention, healthy root systems, protection against erosion, etc. For those dealing with older soil or even new soil being brought in as a refresh, balancing soil structure is essential for crop planning and yields and avoiding long-term nutrient breakdown. 

Grow with Confidence with Norstar Agriculture

At Norstar Agriculture, we’re here to support Canadian farmers with access to products that help to revitalize their soil and improve crop yields season after season. For those growing in Alberta and throughout Western Canada, we offer humic acid to help you combat high salt and sodium content, as well as low carbon levels. Combine with your fertilizer or as a stand-alone, naturally occurring boost, and see what humic acid can do for your crops this coming season!

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