OMEX RR Soybooster

RR SoyBooster With Glyphosate

What is it?

Glyphosate is an excellent herbicide used in soybeans. It will provide farmers with an excellent control of weeds in their soybean crops. However, it has been demonstrated that glyphosate can also have an effect on the crop.

Research conducted by the University of Guelph has demonstrated that adding RR SOYBOOSTER to glyphosate will significantly increase yield by an average of 2.15 bu/acre, bringing a return of more than 4 to 1 to the farmer.

When and Why use it?

Visual symptoms associated with plant stresses are well known by and biochemical causes that have been identified and described recently in the scientific literature. Stressed plants grow more slowly; they absorb less nutrients and have a reduced rate of photosynthesis. Farmers using RR SoyBooster will restart their crops more quickly when they are stressed The major nutrients contained in this biostimulant will help restart photosynthesis, while the micro-nutrients are the cofactors required for the production and the activity of the necessary enzymes and organic molecules.